Timber Bi-Fold Doors, are They Superior to Aluminium Bi-Folds?

Most contemporary homes and commercial installations feature external bi-fold doors. As their name suggests, these doors can fold twice – or even more. This mechanism helps them to cover more considerable distances without affecting the adjacent spaces. Besides, they come in different sizes — small ones to cover space-sensitive areas or large ones useful for dividing spaces on a property.

Folding doors may feature timber, aluminium or uPVC materials. All three have their unique qualities. However, for the sake of this post, we shall focus on timber and aluminium bi-fold doors. The main question is, are Timber Bi-Fold Doors superior to aluminium bi-fold doors? Follow the discussion below to find the answer.
While aluminium is a cheaper material, the cost isn’t the only determinant when choosing the best bi-fold doors. There are many other factors to pay attention to during your purchase. The following reasons prove why timber bifold doors offer the best value for your money:

Aesthetics of Timber Bi-Folding Doors


Try comparing timber and aluminium frames. You can do this by visiting neighbours or friends with such doors, browse pictures online or find property magazines with buildings featuring these doors. You’ll soon notice that aluminium frames always tend to lower the aesthetics of property contrary to timber which always boosts the aesthetics. One of the main aims of installing bi-fold doors is to allow for adequate sunlight and natural outdoor views. Proper planning and design of these doors help integrate your indoor and outdoor spaces in your home.

Wooden Bi Folding Doors

While aluminium bi-fold doors are a significant improvement over the conventional bi-fold door designs, the glass, sunlight and outdoor spaces are what mainly define the aesthetics of any property. Imagine how natural or stained timber frames for your bi-fold doors would look. Its natural grain is appealing and always enhances your home’s appearance. By studying high-end homes and mansions, it’s not surprising that you won’t miss natural timber frames on doors or windows. It’s because timber has better aesthetic qualities compared to aluminium.

Environmental Factors Between Timber and Aluminium Doors


Compared to aluminium, timber is a sustainable material. Provided that there is no overextension of land, you can cut down trees for wood and replant them as you wish. Besides, transportation of timber, as well as related labour, produces minimal carbon footprint. On the contrary, aluminium delivers eight times the volume of greenhouse gases than wood does. Furthermore, aluminium manufacture produces 300 times the quantity of wastewater to the environment than timber manufacture.
Also, during the aluminium fabrication process, the use of toxic chemicals during smelting leads to environmental pollution. However, timber farms only grow trees, which minimises the carbon dioxide from the air and produces oxygen back to the environment. Timber Bi-Fold Doors also offer more excellent insulation and sealing that reduces power usage during heating or cooling. Generally, timber is a superior option when it comes to eco-friendliness and environmental conservation.

Maintenance or Either Doors


They say aluminium is “maintenance-free,” but how true is this statement? As much as aluminium bi-fold doors require zero maintenance, they experience corrosion over extended usage periods. After suffering surface malfunctions, you cannot be able to restore aluminium to its original appearance and state.
On the contrary, maintaining timber is quite easy. It takes minimum effort to have your timber surfaces looking as good as new. However, in case the timber degrades, it’s possible to restore it to excellent form rather than total replacement as you would do for aluminium.

Cost Analysis


Indeed, timber is costly, but it’s more than offset by three things – energy saving, longevity and added value. Once installed, there will be minimal chances of replacing it again if you’ve accomplished proper sealing and finishing. Furthermore, by using timber doors, you can save more energy because of its greater insulating and sealing qualities.
In their lifetime, Timber Bi-Fold Doors can pay for themselves as compared to aluminium bi-fold doors. Besides, timber adds significant resale value to your property. When you choose to list it for sale, your property can fetch a more substantial market price with timber than aluminium bi-fold doors.



So, is timber superior to aluminium bi-folds doors? From the points in the discussion above, we can all agree that timber bifold doors from Lomax + Wood are more superior to aluminium. Thus, when considering installing bi-fold doors in your next home improvement project, consider timber as your choice material.