Five Benefits of a Cloud Storage Video Surveillance System

Approximately 9 in 10 businesses use cloud technology for email, phone, backups, applications, and increasingly video surveillance. Cloud technology helps businesses expand their safety and operational capabilities.

The following are 5 benefits of cloud-based video surveillance systems.

Providing safer storage

It is possible to protect equipment against damage with cloud storage. If your NVR or DVR fails, gets ripped off, fails, or breaks, everything is lost. Your data is lost if the data storage device crashes, becomes corrupted, or is stolen. If you choose cloud storage, you keep your data for the length of time you choose. iWatcher Plus Cloud Recording services are customized to your preferences and needs.

Remote access and operation

Anywhere you have access to an interface, you can access the data. It is designed for use online and not for remote access from offsite. Due to its remote operation capabilities, the system offers full functionality.

Scalability of Enterprise Solutions

It is easy to expand to multiple sites without incurring additional upfront costs. Once you have a cloud storage option in place, you can expand to multiple sites. It runs on the same platform across multiple platforms.

Cost Effective

For example, if you own cloud storage solutions in Bellingham, Yakima, Tacoma, Seattle, all of these operate on the same platform. In this way, you do not need to invest in a new server for every location and can use the same platform across the company. The system is also more efficient to operate, lowering not only the capital costs, but also the technology costs.

A wide range of camera solutions

One of the benefits of Cloud Recording Surveillance Riverside CA is that multiple camera brands can be used, so you are not tied to one brand.

Enhanced image quality and broader coverage

The high-resolution imaging produces clear, sharp, HD images over a wider area. With high-resolution imaging, you can capture detailed images and zoom in on important details like faces or license plates. However, HD cameras alone are not enough. Scalability, decoding, bandwidth, and sufficient storage are also important to organizations.