Cloud Storage Solutions for CCTV Devices

A CCTV system that is equipped with adequate cloud storage performs the best.

It is possible to save a great deal of data easily and affordably with a cloud storage facility.  To guarantee the safety of our assets, we need to continuously monitor them. There is a growing market for CCTV or video surveillance systems. Modern security systems in today’s time, because of ever-changing technology, offer low-risk burglaries, crimes, and disasters for businesses and homes.

We often put so much time and thought into choosing a CCTV System Riverside CA that we overlook some critical factors that are equally important to our safety and security. It is possible to monitor your assets remotely by using CCTVs. There are a number of brands and models available in the market.

Looking at conventional methods, only external devices (mainly DVDs) could be used for storage. In any case, CCTV works best if it has adequate cloud storage capabilities.

Technology advancements are providing modern security systems with unlimited cloud storage options. There are already a number of manufacturers who are designing and selling security systems that integrate cloud storage so that the footage can be accessed via a smartphone. Although the cloud storage service provider offers a monthly or yearly plan of membership, it doesn’t provide adequate limits on backing up or storing footage every day.

In times of increasing crime, not only does your home or business need an effective security system, but you also need a backup storage system. With cloud storage, a large amount of data can be saved easily and affordably. 

How the Cloud Storage System Works

The cloud has become the backbone of any video surveillance system. Networks of interconnected servers allow users to access data anywhere in the world since data can be stored centrally. Virtually all data can be saved to the cloud storage system, which can be shared with anyone at any time.

Several cloud storage options are available to you and may even be used by you, but they are known as a great way to store and back up your basic files and images. However, video security systems offered by cloud storage specifically offer highly secure data storage and backup facility with 100% private data storage.

Cloud Storage Offers Security

Using a DVD or smartphone to store CCTV footage is associated with various risks such as misplacing the DVD or smartphone, theft, and damage, among others. Therefore, storing the recording on a cloud provides far greater security than any other conventional option.

Cybercriminals are also present today and can hack into the cloud, it is often stated. Yet, many technology companies who are setting up this facility have set up their own dedicated data security teams.

Effective in Accessibility

It is extremely difficult to store footage on a device outside the computer. It takes daily effort to copy and paste the files on the device, which is also difficult to carry around. Thus, cloud storage is gaining importance due to its ability to provide easy access to recordings from anywhere with an internet connection.

The advantage of cloud storage is that it comes with an automatic backup feature that makes sure all of your files can be accessed instantly, so you don’t have to worry about not updating your backup.

Cloud computing and cost-effectiveness

The cost of obtaining a new external hardware device every time the previous device is full is reduced when using cloud storage. At incredibly low monthly fees, it is a perfect solution to store a huge amount of data.

Moreover, backing up a recording on hardware does not provide a cost-efficient backup solution, as it requires manual creation and has its own maintenance costs. Cloud storage, on the other hand, offers a lot of data storage space, with flexible plans and automatic backups.

Disaster Recovery

Think beyond theft and robbery!

Occasionally, a natural disaster or an act of human devastation occurs as well. How will you be able to recover video footage if a fire destroys all CCTV and computer systems at a building?

Therefore, the iWatcher Plus Cloud Storage facility plays an important role in storing footage in a centralized location that can be accessed by any computer, laptop, or smartphone device.