The Great Healing Power of the Earth Is Available to Everyone

The earth holds a tremendous power. We seldom really give a lot of attention to that fact. But serious reflection on the nature of the world tends to make it all the more clear to us. Just stand on the earth and give some thought to the sky above you. Lay on the ground and watch the stars.

This can make it more clear that the earth itself is giant and powerful mass which travels the cosmic spaces. This might sound like allegory or metaphor at first. But it’s a very real truth. Our planet travels through space. The gravity it generates holds our atmosphere in place. And the core is an almost living thing which makes this possible. Just look at the barren nature of mars to understand what an earth without a living core would be like. The gravity of earth even bends time and light.

Ironically people often look out to the stars as a source of healing energy or influence. When there’s a very real and demonstrated power beneath all of our feet. Natural healing stones are a way of tapping into the natural energy of the earth. The same energies which ensure life on earth can also influence health. But there’s a lot more to this than is apparent on first glance.

The health benefits are real and as apparent as the gravity earth creates. But one should also consider how this fits into medical care. Western medicine tends to force treatments. It has some very obvious and important benefits. For example, western medicine obviously has a place in treating cancer or heart disease. But this tends to both give some benefits and take away personal autonomy. One’s body suddenly turns into a literal business practice for others.

Natural healing stones are a way of changing that relationship for the better. Consider the situation someone’s in when using a natural healing stone. The first thing that people often wonder about when hearing the term is how it’s used. And that’s part of the stone’s real beauty. There isn’t a single true way to make use of it. One of the best ways to use the stone is through simply listening to your own body.

When you hold a Healing Crystals┬áit’s best to simply listen to your body. It will often guide your hand and tell you where to keep the stone. Or it might tell you to keep the stone firmly placed over a general area. This often leads people to make jewelry from the healing stones. It’s easy to place healing stones into a band or bracelet.

But this process isn’t just about effectiveness. It’s also about retaking control of your own body and your own health. You’re not receiving instructions on what you must do with the stone. Instead it’s a process of self discovery. You’re communing with your own body to find what works. And an argument can even be made that you’re communing with the stone or the planet itself.

This provides a different type of healing. And it helps in something other than just physical health. It helps to give autonomy back to someone suffering from health problems. And this can be a huge factor in helping people get through any type of illness. It’s also a good way to help people going through some of the more difficult types of treatment found in western medicine.

For example, consider the case of someone receiving chemotherapy. They’re going to be pained from both the cancer and the treatment for the cancer. Now imagine that they have a natural healing stone. The Celestial Awakenings stone will provide some forms of healing for the body. But it also helps to provide a sense of power and autonomy.

This theoretical person will feel better simply for the fact that they’re able to create a treatment plan. And it’s been shown time and time again that mood helps health. This essentially creates a three fold treatment. The chemotherapy, the stone and one’s own mood would all work together to heal someone’s body.