Pros and Cons of Having a Roommate

One thing that pops into the minds of those wondering whether they should look for a roommate or not is what the pros and cons of having one would be. In this article, we will briefly go over the pros and cons of having a roommate in nyc.


1.  Save Money

In of the biggest advantages would be that you could split the costs of rent and utilities. You can probably live somewhere nicer than if you were covering everything on your own and the costs of other shared items, groceries, for example, could also be split.

2. They Can Help Clean

When the chores are split with someone else, keeping your apartment clean is easier. You may even be able to avoid doing the tasks you dislike.

3. Built-in Friends

With a roommate, you have someone to talk to and hang out with at the end of the day. Hanging out with someone can be awesome.

4. Shared Furnishings

It can be expensive to purchase all the furniture and kitchen appliances necessary for proper living. If you pool your resources with a roommate, it is a lot easier to buy all that is needed.


1. Missed Payments

Rent and utilities must be covered whether or not a roommate makes their payment. If you have a roommate that is not reliable with their payment, you could end up paying the consequences.

2. More Messes

The more people there are living in an apartment, the messier it is likely to get. There are also times in which it can be easy for a roommate to pass the responsibility and blame onto the other person.

3. Built-in Enemies

Just like you could be friends, there is also the chance that you will not get along. This can make it very uncomfortable to live together.

4. Less Privacy

With a roommate, privacy can be difficult, and your room may be the only place where you can get some. If your roommate has issues with boundaries, even your room may not be the haven you need.

Hopefully, this list of pros and cons can help you to make an intelligent decision of whether or not a roommate is for you in New York City, and what roommate to choose.