Monthly Archive: October 2016

Staying Safe When Buying and Using A Gun

A lot of people don’t really know how to be safe with a gun. They may think it’s just about pointing and shooting it. There are a lot of safety concerns you should have whether you are buying or using one and here some advice on how to be careful.

Weapons that are used need to be legally procured in case they have a problem of some kind. Buying a rifle, for instance, with the serial number filed off may lead to you getting caught later with a murder weapon. It’s easier to get a good deal on something that is not legal but that doesn’t mean that it’s always going to work out for you. Going to an actual store or legitimate seller will get you something that you know the history of if there is one so you know what you’re getting.

Safety courses and those that teach you to handle a weapon are very important for you to take seriously. Many states won’t let you use anything if you don’t have the right kind of training in place, so always be cautious so you’re not getting busted without your licenses or whatever it is that you need to handle and carry your weapon. In some areas, you have to have a license or you can’t even have a weapon on you. It depends on your state because some of them are more liberal with their laws regarding this kind of thing.

Safes are a good investment for your guns in general. You can’t expect to just have it sitting out in your home where your kids or family, in general, can get to it. Even if they know what they’re doing with it if they were to use it, someone could break in and take it. You don’t want a robber to all of a sudden take and use it against you when it would have been easy to scare them off before that. Try getting a heavy safe that you can bolt down so someone can’t just take the whole thing to break into later if they try to rob you.

Always watch out where you are pointing a weapon. Even if you saw that it wasn’t loaded you need to act like it is. All too often do people not know what they are doing and all of a sudden someone is dead in their home. You may even hurt yourself if you are not cautious about where you point your weapons. Treat them with respect and only use them when they are called for or you need to not have them at all since they are not just for showing off.

Having a gun means that you can keep yourself and family safe. It also can help you to hunt and has a lot of other applications. Whatever you do you have to make sure that you are safe with it so that nobody gets hurt and so it doesn’t get stolen.

How to Tell if A Gym Offers Good Jiu Jitsu Training

If you’re thinking of starting Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, one of your main concerns will be telling if the gym that you’re looking at offers good Jiu Jitsu training. There is no governing body for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (the IBJJF is a commercial organization that runs tournaments, not an organization that offers ‘quality control’ for coaches), but that doesn’t mean that there’s any quality control in the sport at all. Because BJJ is a competitive sport as well as a martial art, it’s actually pretty easy to tell if a gym is legitimate.

Lineage is a very important thing in BJJ. The first thing that you should ask when you visit a gym is who gave the instructor his rank. Ideally, you should train under a black belt and that black belt should be able to tell you his instructor’s name, and often his instructor’s instructor as well. BJJ is a young sport, and most instructors are only four or five generations removed from a Gracie, Machado, or Maeda – big names in the history of the sport.

That said, it’s not always possible to train under a black belt. In some areas, the sport isn’t popular yet, and you might find that a brown, purple or even blue belt is the only option. In that case, ask them if they still have contact with an instructor of their own. A blue belt that makes regular journeys train with a black belt, who also competes, and who is transparent about the fact that they are still a relatively low belt is a perfectly good instructor for a beginner.

Sparring Tells All

During your first class, look at the make-up of the gym. How many people of different belts are there? In a gym run by a blue belt, it’s normal to expect that everyone else would be a white belt or a blue belt themselves. In a gym with a darker colored belt or a black belt, you would expect a mix of belts among the students.

Does the instructor roll with students on a regular basis? How are the students during sparring? In a good gym, you would expect that colored belts would look confident and fluid during sparring and that they would have good control. You should be able to see, clearly, that a colored belt is able to confidently handle a white belt of similar size and strength.  That’s not to say that a lower rank should never tap out a colored belt, but the quality of movement, control and positional awareness of a higher belt should be evident in what they do.

Another thing to consider is their competition record. A gym that competes regularly will likely offer good training. A gym that actively discourages competition may not be a bad gym, but it’s certainly something that should raise some questions – after all, why would an instructor not want their students to test themselves on the mats unless they were worried that they wouldn’t measure up?